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Search Engine Optimization for New Zealand Businesses

 Web Design Auckland provides professional SEO services to drive visitors your website. We will find the best combination of high traffic monthly volume buyer keywords. SEO services that can rank you on Google for your most important keywords.

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Keywords - SEO Services Auckland

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Auckland

SEO is the process of getting your website to rank above the competition organically. Search Engine Optimization (referred to as SEO) is vital to your business if you want to rank well and be found in search engines. Keyword research is an essential foundation required for a quality website to be found on Google.

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SEO Audit - SEO Services NZ

First an SEO audit is required, a detailed analysis of the current weaknesses in your website’s SEO structure. Then our proposal detailing some of the keywords that can be implemented, and how these keywords will benefit your website’s search engine rankings.

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Local SEO - Growth for NZ Businesses

Search Engine Optimisation for Local New Zealand Businesses

Google supports local businesses with Google maps, and Local NZ search phrases. These additions to your website SEO will deliver a guaranteed ranking increase on Google for your most important target keywords, resulting in more potential customers.

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Important SEO Foundation Building Blocks

You want your business website to rank well in Google! Lets look at the important foundation blocks that will be needed so that your website will rank, and be found when potential customers use search engines like Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing. Yes Baidu has 13.94% of search engine market share, Bing has 7.7%, and Yahoo has 4.06%

The Importance of Quality Secure Fast Hosting

The Importance of Quality Secure Fast Hosting – Do not go cheap! Yes you can find many cheap hosting providers, $1 per month, and even free hosting! Yet from experience, trial, and testing of these cheap hosting providers I can tell you Don’t Do It!  Quality hosting is the foundation of any website, it’s the same as building good foundations for a building. 

Choosing a cheap web hosting company for your website can have some very detrimental effects on your brand’s reputation. It can also stop you from ranking high in search engine results, resulting in lest leads, and generating less revenue as you may have originally hoped.

Down Time – If you choose an cheap web hosting company, you will be facing a lot of down time, meaning that your website will spend regular time offline than online, this constant off line time will have a serious impact on your ability to create revenue. Aside from losing ranking position, you may also lose loyal, or new customers.

Fast Page Loading Time – People do not like waiting for your website pages to load. Research shows that more than 46% of people will leave a website if it does not load within 3 seconds. So your hosting provider must offers fast quality servers. Use a quality web host that has offer SSL security fast loading times, thus lower your bounce rate, increasing your search engine ranking poistion, and a keeping  customer base happy.

Security – Unfortunately there those people out there that do not mean your website well… hackers.

Web Design Auckland  adds updated security coding to every website we build. This is important, yet having a web hosting company that backs up your information on a remote server so that it can be restored easily if anything happens is a must. That is why we recommend using our hosted web design packages.

Keyword Research for a Solid SEO Foundation

Keyword Research – This is an often overlooked fundamental to your websites success. You must research which keywords are actually being searched for, which keyword combinations, or keyword phrases will drive the most search traffic to your site that ultimately converts into inquiries, and sales. This means really understanding how people search for products, services, and written content. It’s important to know where to place these single words, short phrases, or long phrases into your site structure, so they can deliver organic traffic from different search queries seeking your products, or services.

Website Architecture to Assist Search Engines

Website Structure – Thoughtful planning of how you want your website content organized so it can be easily accessed, and understood by by search engine crawlers is another crucial yet often overlooked step in SEO foundation building. Search engine crawlers are designed to emulate the behavior of your site visitors as they read headings, read content, identify keywords, follow internal, and external links, all to determine what your  page content is about. It is important that you design your website architecture to make navigating as easy as possible for both human visitors, and search engine crawlers.

Metadata Structure – Search engines gather and index information found on your website, Titles, Sub Titles, H1 tag, H2 tags, H3 tags, Page Description, URL structure, including your pages content is all metadata. Information that is used to determine your pages  relevancy to search queries. Your sites metadata, and content correctly ordered, organized, and presented will strongly influence your search engine rankings. Web Design AucklandSEO Auckland – will place your metadata, and content into a logical modern themed structure that will make it easy for search engines to find, index, and rank successfully.

Web Design Auckland – creating websites on the solid foundations of Quality Secure Fast Hosting, and Keyword Research for Optimized SEO

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